Planet of Paradise

WRITERS WANTED: All you need to do is create an alien species any kind will do and throw them into the story...look here for more details. Writers can join at any time.

It has been told that there is a mysterious planet of Paradise somewhere in the universe but as of yet no one has been able to find it, though many have tried.  All seek to gain the mysterious power it is said to bring.


* Each world will be on another planet just to make things simpler. (no alternate realities or other such worlds) The more information you have about your world or character the better it will be.

* Each person can make as many characters as they want as long as they are within their species but please only make one world per person. We'll throw them all into one universe and see what happens.

* Violence and action are exceptable as well as relationships  but please no un-neccesary gore or horror related elements (zombies, ghosts, vampires). Finally nothing should be explained through magic since this is a Science fiction story.

* No killing off another persons main character with out permission.  All other minor characters can be killed off just use reason and don't go on any killing sprees.  (Please declare main character when you first start writing)

* If you want to write other species feel free to create animals that are native to your planet
* Your characters can be good or bad. At this point it would be nice to get a villian so that we can really get this story moving.  Also feel free to have disputes between your own characters as well as have traitors that join other groups if you want (Just remember they still have to be the same species)

Good Luck and have fun!

The End

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