Hazel- Lost in History.

As the lesson continued, I couldn't concentrate. The Revolution wasn't a particularly interesting subject to begin with, however today I was away with the fairies. Song lyrics filled my head, various rhythms and beats drumming against my skull. I closed my eyes and listened.

"The dust in my soul 
Makes me feel the weight in my legs
My head in the clouds 
And I'm zoning out
I'm watching TV 
But I find it hard to stay conscious
I'm totally bored 
But I can't switch off

Only apathy from the pills in me
It's all in me, all in you
Electricity from the pills in me
It's all in me, all in you
Only MTV and cod philosophy." (8)

I was awoken from my dreamy state by the girl with the loud hair nudging me. I jumped back to life and started to write down the answers. "Thank you." I whispered. "Thats okay." She replied, smiling at me, "Hey do you know the answer to number 4?" I glanced at the textbook and  read out a passage I thought might help her. "Thanks." 

I went back to the questions and finished them in around 5 minutes. My pencil fell on my book, and I rested my head on my arm. Over on the other side of the room, I saw a boy staring at the girl next to me. She seemed unaware of his loving gaze, so I turned to her again. "Who is that guy staring at you? Haha."

She looked over at him and stuck her tounge out. "Thats my friend, Androu."

The End

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