who says hello anymore?

I came into class fully expecting a normal year for myself, -but then again nothing ever goes the way I want- then not five minutes after I began my usual routine of window-gazing in art class when I hear this voice from the empty seat beside me. "H-Hello?" The not-so-empty-seat said.

I laughed."hey, that seat was occupied you know."

"oh, sorry...by whom? this class seems slightly full as is"the girl asks.

I laugh harder"it's not occupied by a person, it's occupied by Roger, my dust bunny. So, what's your name? Or should i just call you The-girl-who-says-hello for the entire year?"

"My name is Hazel, I'm sorry about your bunny, i can make a new one if you like. anyway, Whats your name?"Hazel asked.

I smiled"the names Ida, school rebel. A pleasure to meet you Hazel"

"By the way, nice hair, Orange really...stands out." Hazel smiles.

*DING.....DONG!!!!*  "Class dissmised for lunch, stay safe"

The End

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