First day of a new year. Yikes.

I straighten my hair and tie it in 2 bunches either side of my head, leaving the rest of course. I grab my new bag, put on my shiny new shoes, and open the door. 

It was a typical september day. I fought with the wind, a battle I always have to face. I'm not very strong; I am quite small and fall over easily. My doctor says its a lack of iron, but I think its just me. 

I finally arrive at the school gates. I gaze up at Pinewood, remembering the events that occurred the previous year. Here we go again. I made my way to the art rooms; my favourite place in the school. As I walked across the school yard, I spotted a girl with hot pink hair. For a moment, I gazed in awe, wishing I had the guts to copy her. I hate getting in trouble. Whenever teachers shout at me I go all shaky. But how I wished to dye my hair! Turquoise like...well...my secret hero. I think she is amazing, but shes just an anime. I can sing all her songs in Japanese, I know all her dances. I have her cosplays and wigs; I know everything about her, and her band. Vocaloid.

Enough about that. I will embarrass myself.

I tear my look away from the girl, and continue to walk on.


It was a month later, and I was running late again. I ran to into school, almost dropping my sketch book. When I got to class, everyone stared at me. "Hazel. Late as usual.", my teacher exclaimed, glaring at me. 

I ducked my head down and went to the only seat left. Next to the girl. To no suprise, she had changed her hair color. 

It took me a while to finally say something to her. "Hello."

Oh well, it was a start.

The End

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