Hi, I'm Ida. Just Ida. I'm the girl in the dark corner of the room staring out the window. Here's how my avarage day starts.

I wake up at five. I get up to have breakfast. Eat it, then I figure out what to put on for school. Which is a no big deal because in this school we have uniforms. More like chokeys. I, of course, never wear the ties. It just bugs me so much, that on the first day of school, I threw my tie out the  window in the middle of History. The teacher got SO mad at me! Then blah blah blah, lunch time starts. Ever since that fatful day no one has sat with me until yesterday. She said her name was Hannah? No, Hazel. Yeah that's it. Yeah, yesterday my hair was hot pink, but it's a new month so new color.

I bet she saw my hair and was like, "Wha?"

The even thought of it makes me wanna burst out, like one of my rockets, into laughter.

The End

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