John Williams - "Theme From Schindler's List"

There's a girl walking down a street.
She's in tears.
Where is she going to make her cry so?
No, it's not her destination that causes her to weep, it's where she's been:
she's seen them, though no one wanted her to,
she heard them cry out,
heard them choke,
and saw the way their lives were taken as spoils.
And she's been blinded by hot tears since she stumbled away
and how she's trying to get back to where she came from
but the truth is she'll never be the person she was before.
Because before she had friends and family and now
she can't meet their eyes.
They did this.
They stole their breaths and it was her family who did it, her brothers.
So she tears at her blonde hair - she'll dye it tomorrow,
and cower before officials and live like a dog
and half starve to death and maybe they'll take her away
and she'll fight for breath like they did
and she won't walk down this street in tears any more,
she won't fight the knowledge that she's one of the monsters too,
she'll be one of the innocents whose body is burned
like it never meant anything
or loved anyone
and she won't have to know that it
was her family who did this, anymore. 

The End

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