Ben Foster / Murray Gold - "Owen Fights Death" / "Death of Toshiko" / "The End Is Where We Start From" / "Requiem for the Fallen"

NB: These pieces of music are from a soundtrack. I have seen the episodes they are from. Therefore, the pictures in my head are based, partly, around the scenes to which they pertain. However, they are more about the feelings than anything else.

all those things she's never done the words she'll never say
waiting for the end here she's saved all she can save
but she couldn't save him, couldn't change that
and it's okay, it's really okay
but we're screaming because it's not, it's not okay
it's as far from okay as this could be because they
they should have died together
if they couldn't have their lives give them their deaths
but he didn't know.
he thought he was the only one leaving he said goodbye
like she'd be there to miss him
he thought he was the only one dying
and it's not okay
we don't start from the end the end is where we fall
and crash and burn up the sky
and watch the world end around us while we stand in the ruins
and remember their faces and lives and glorious moments
and fall to our knees with the weight of it all
that after all that:
there are so many things she never said
lips that she never kissed futures she'll never have
and she heard him say goodbye like she was living like she'd done
in her video. a goodbye an i-love-you to someone
who'd never see it.
but that's okay she says. it's really okay.
and he turns and says the same thing and he's gone and so's she
and suddenly we know that no matter what they said,

The End

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