Picture Perfect

Look through a magazine. Find a picture you like, and can write about.
My picture - Louis Vuitton Advertisment

She's tripped, fallen out of the sky onto an emerald green floor. Dazed but exhilarated, she stares up, through the intertwining branches of the trees where the Sun breaks through, highlighting areas. A golden lock here, a subtle curve and a patch of lily white skin, shimmering with refracted sunlight. The green silks that caress her body, are made with jungle life. The delicate lace barely disguising what lies beneath, like the petals of a flowers trapping it's lusting veins, the flowing chiffron moving like a birds feathers caught in a light breeze and the satin, shining like a glistening hide of a tiger just refreshed from a sparkling lake. Gentle, white doves settle around her, at ease, as if she if Snow White, white as the daisies that decorate the ground. In a dream state, she doesn't appear to notice, or care, about a bag, abandoned in the crook of her leg, the palest greens contrasting with the golden-beige of a lion. She lies there, in careless abandon, imbuing herself with the life that swirls around her.

The End

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