Stealing us a planeMature

We ran the way I first ran through it was a hole in the wall and outside we where swarmed by agents.

" Oh could we get any luckier?"  Terence mumbles, I take not of where they are , I raise the gun and subconciously take the shots, it was the first time I noticed how emotionless or how much mental thought process went into pressing the trigger and taking someone life, it was next to none, I'm a killing machine, and I don't like it one bit. We run bullets not to far off our trail , up ahead people are holding guns, cindy uses her knive, Terrence , Rose, Fay , cherie , and I all raise fire a bullet killing them. We take the car , as Rose digs out her bike. This time we slip away before they could give chase.


Hours later we find ourselve at a hugely rich place the air strip only down the road from the manor.

" Alright how we doing this thing?"  Fay asks  as we role down the windos to talk to Rose.

" I got us in but, now this is harder part is getting into the plane we need the Keys , and we need to fill it with gas, while not getting the gaurds , up in arms." Rose applies.  I put my hand to my head, How did I do this before?

" You know where to get the keys, I presume?" I ask , if she didn't that means we turning around and giving this up.

" I do but thats the hardest bit, its in the Hangars office and thats got several lead doors in the way of it."

" Well then we'll try our best to get in, lets do this thing." I say.


The End

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