To be or not to be?Mature


"Should we go to England, or just leave it?"
I looked up at this: going home would be great, but there was one major problem:
"How are we going to get there? We're all wanted criminals, heavily armed, and travelling with public enemy number one. Last I heard they ain't too keen on letting them on planes."
Robert stopped ranting for a second, then threw the papers on the floor angrily,
"Damn! Didn't think of that, how the hell do we get across?"
Everyone stood still in though for a few seconds, then Rose spoke,
"My dad's friend had a private jet that we could possibly use. We'd have to steal it off him though."
We all stared at her,
"What? You all noticed my family was rich, and my dad had some very rich friends, I didn't like any of them!" She snapped

After mumbled 'sorry's all round the others began to discuss the feasibility of the jet, I decided to have a look around the wrecked lab. The stuff lying around was really amazing, huge amounts of top of the range equipment, and some things that wern't even commercially available yet. There must be a lot of money behind this operation.

"Hey Terence, what you doing?" One of the group had looked up and seen me tinkering with one of the spectroscopy machines.
"Heh, sorry, I'm just looking at the lab equipment, I'd love to have had more time in here, I'd have been able to finish my doctorate in no time with all this stuff. So, does anyone know how to fly a jet?"
A series of head shakes answered my question,
"Can you?" asked Fay, jokingly. I looked down at my bandaged foot,
"Definately not with this," I replied, "and probably not even with a fine leg, I've only ever flown a military jet, and I've not done that nearly enough to qualify as a proper pilot."
Another round of suprised stares, this time directed at me,
"I'm in the Territorial Army, the British reserve forces. I've only been on one tour, but I've had proper army training, and done some flight training, but not a lot. I've only actually flown twice."
"Well," said Rob, standing up, "that explains your level of skill with guns. But do you really think you could fly a jet?"
I thought for a moment, then suddenly, an idea struck me.
"You were meant to be going there already, right? The guys controlling you must have had some way to transport a wanted fugitive without arousing suspicion, maybe they've encoded being able to fly planes into your head as well."

Suddenly, there came from downstairs the sound of a heavy object being slammed against the door. Robert looked at me, then looked down at the others,
"Well, there's only one way to find out, can you walk?" I tested my newly bandaged foot,
"I'm ok, I can run. You good to come Cindy?"
Cindy, still looking rather miserable, nodded absent mindedly. Robert took out his Glock, clipping in a full magazine and cocking the slide,
"Everyone else?" The rest of the assembled people nodded, with varying degrees of enthusiasm.
"Well then, lets go steal us a plane!"

The End

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