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I headed upstairs there was blood still spattered on the ground, I take the pistol out , in fear as the door at the end of the stairs hangs ominously , and lopsided. I move it out of the way it doesn't make the slighest sound, I step into a room and I'm overwhelmed by another memory it was like I was picking up the pieces.

" We have to stop now , he is unstable, eventually he will lose a control over the violence part of his brain, and mixed with everything else , we would have created a monster or beast of a type!" A man says talking about me , not even acknowledging in the room.

"He hasn't finished his purpose, yet." The agent says from my dream, " Is there a quick fix to delay the unstopable insanity that , comes with messing with peoples - genetic make up?"

" We can freeze the memory part of his brain, there is a large chance he will have memory loss." The scientist says.

" Do it , leave the plane tickets in the drawer, and the next mission. Afterwards." The agent says.

 I fall back down the stairs from shock, Genetically changed?  How in what way, How am I different? 

" Are you okay?" Fay says coming around the corner.

" Fine , I err , misstepped at the door."  I say trying to make it so I didn't seem like a total retard.

" I see , What happened here?" She asked, and funny thing was with the little flashback I knew exactly what happened.

" I killed them, they drugged me up hoping to prevent me from going insane, but they didn't put me under, I panicked and killed them all in half self defence , and because I felt like it."  I said and Fay stepped back.

" You must have escaped from a an instuition for the mentally ill." Fay said.

" No , I'm not mentally ill! Stupid scientist have been prodding in my brain, for a so called better future!"  Now I sounded like a nutter, " Just look at the room upstairs, its labratory.  The others noticed my risen voice and rushed over.

We open the door , and like I said it was a labratory, with the a scalpal in the scientist eyeball , and a large hole in his neck.  It reeked of decay up here.

" Cops , haven't even bothered to clean up in here." I mutter in disgust.  Going through the drawers. 

" Why is this here? Its a multi million dollar tool used in gentic research!" Terrence says holding a device up.

" I don't know, I just know with that , this guy over here changed something about me."  I say opening a drawer loaded with cash and tickets for a flight heading to england , that was departing tommorow.   I ripped the drawer out of the track and placed it on the table.

" Thats got to be atleast  half a mill there." Rose says shocked.

" Not important as this." I say taking a folder out with only a picture of a man who I suppose was English citizen.  I turned the back of it ,  Intelligents agent working for english parliment, no known proper name.

" This is supposed to be my next kill. If so those bastards who changed me , and talked me into killing people , for a better future might be there already. Like I said earlier if you don't want to be involved anymore than you are , you can leave this room. If you want to stay then I need your opinion, Should we go to england or just leave it."  I said , and with the last part of the sentence something bothered me about not going to england.

The End

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