After the... disgustingly touchy work of Cindy's life story I decided I officially have no idols I depend on myself and that is it. "So Robert how the hell did you stay so well hidden for so long?" I ask

"I- I don't know" He replies

flipping hell we have a mental patient and a crippel on the run I mean I think that Robert is great but seriously? he can't remember well now I wont have a partner in crime I pace back and forth then noticing daisy's cell had a message. Well no secrets should be kept here anyway I lifted up the phone and grabbed a pen to write down the number of the message on my hand. I quickly scribble down the number and press open when Daisy starts walking up to me I quickly stuff the phone in my pocket before she notices what I'm holding "So Daisy why did your parents abuse you? did you say something wrong?" I ask

"Why do you want to know?" she replies, shes avoiding the subject

"Never mind" I say and walk off reading the text message which said soon.

"Wheres my phone?" Daisy said storming to me

I take it out of my pocket "Oh sorry I thought it was mine, silly me" I reply, give the phone to her smile my stunning smile and walk off

The End

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