It's horrible here but I quess it's the best we've got for now. I look across the bloody floor. Not nice.I sigh and shake my head. "Terence come here, let me sort you out." He does what I say.

I look at his wounds and shake my head. He needs to get clean bandages. I scan the room  quickly and sigh, there's not gonna be anything clean in here. They others are talking to each other. I look up at Terence and smile weakly. "You okay?" I'm shocked.

No one really asks me if I'm okay, well, no paitents do. I shrug. "I'm great." He narrows his eyes. "Don't lie Cindy,tell me what's up." I sigh deeply. "You need clean bandages. Here, this'll do for now." Ipull off my favourite hoody. I sigh as I pick up one of my knives and cut it into long strips.

I take off the old ones and replace them with my hoody. I'm now just in my white tank top. "Cindy. Please tell me what's bothering you." I look into Terence Smiths green eyes and sigh. "Terence. I." I sigh and shake my head, god, I do that a lot.

"You know Iused tobe in the NS and knife fight alot? Well I stopped because one gang took it hard that I beat them so they... they. They killed my younger sister." He puts hishand on my shoulder and squeeses it. "I said that I would never be that person agian but, as you can see, it didn't work out that well." I look at the floor. "Cindy, I'm sorry."

I turn to Robert and I can see everyone listening. Great. I shrug. "Not your fault Robert. I killed someone right before I knew you were in my flat." Roses eyes widen. "You didn't tell me." I shrug. "It don't matter. Guess I can'tlive without the thrill of crime."

I get up and move away from them all. "Cindy, it's okay.We're here for you." I smile softly at Rose. "I don't need anyone. People just get in the way." She looks hurt. I turn away from them all. Ireally couldn't care anymore. Toomany ofpeople have been hurt because of me. The less people around me, the safer they will be.

The End

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