Into hellMature


After the first missile went off , a car slammed into ours sending a back tires skidding. Luckily Cindy somehow did the right things keeping our vehicle true. Another explosive went off sending the car in the air. I don't what drove me to do it I just did. I unbuckleled and jumped out of the car door. For a few more moments I linger in the air not hearing a sound then I hit the ground and keep rolling. I was winded and it felt like I was taking forever to get my breath back. I saw the car further down the street upslide dowin beaten with my door missing.   I got my breath back and began to run , I needed to get them out.I peered into the car they were beaten and sorta tossed around just getting the barings.  Down the street I heard more cars the helicopter was flying overhead trying to get a view from the smoke.

" Come on we need to get out!" I yell unbuckling seatbelts and dragging whoever was in shock out we.  I heard Roses motorcycle upahead, 

"I've found an abandonned place up the street. We might be able to slip in for a moment undetected." I nodded and she drove out into the smoke we found the place just as agents and other idiots with guns started flooding the streets.  The door was metal and we braced with multiple items to keep it from opening.

I looked back down the hall and saw the mess I saw when I first woke up. Not a good place to hide they might suspect I'll come back.

The End

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