Daisy - got what i came forMature

i finnish at the house early and decide to risk leaving spencer alone in the house, i run outside choose my fastest car and set off to the house where my new clients were recentest, they have moved since, but they are on the move so i decide to pay a visit to there safe place, where they were before, to try and get some clue, i arrive there following my map and honk the horn outside, and smooth down my top, i will be professional about this.

i get to the door and a good looking young man open the door "hello sunshine" i say smiling, i push past him inviting myself in and walk into a room that sounds the noisyest, the guy follows after me, i end up in a dining room from the looks of this with 3 FBI guys sitting at the table drinking cups of tea?, they all look puzzled "hi guys" i say sweetly "what'd i miss?"

i sit down at the table next to, um well from the looks of his lable his name is Max, alright Max lets see if you know who i am. " oh.... Johnathen you invited Daisy Miller" he says looking at him, johnathen looks confused "its good to have you here" he smile sweetly looking back at me, yes he knows me. "thankyou, yes we go way back" i smile looking at the complete stranger know as Johnathen before me.  you would think the FBI would be killing me by now but, no. i have worked with them previously, and they hire me often. i am just about to pull my gun out and threaten him to tell me what he knows when a crakly voice on the radio says "calling all FBI, we need everyone now! Maden street, C39 QZ5, we have Robert Carter and other criminals on the run" the man with the radio worridly trys to cover the speaker to stop sound, i smile, "well i got what i came for" and i pull my gun out of my back pocket, i dont want the head of the FBI to know i am on the same case just yet, i fire a bullet each to the head of the 3 FBIs, and the turn to the young man, i walk over to him and hold him up against the wall examining his face, hm not too shabby, itd be ashame to waist away this one, "you know anything that could help me?" he vigorously shakes his head, " i didnt think so" i smile, i let him down with a thump and go back out to my car and follow the exact co-ordinates of the car on my phone, i should have done that in the fist place but oh well.

there is a massive jam all the way up to where they are off all police cars, army, FBI, etc the lot, they were right when they meant everyone, i need to be up the front though. i park my car on the side walk and run up to the start of the jam and shoot a bullet into the head of one of the drivers in a car up front, this causes dominoes and stops every car behind it, i jump in it pushing the body onto the guy in the passenger seat, but he is so busy firing out of the window he doesnt notice and i manage to drive up the side walk and be right at the side of the car that Robert is in "wow, your getting really good at this driveing Rich" say the guy next to me pulling his head back in the car "oh... ahhhh!!!!" he say looking down at the body of his college on his lap. "oh shut up and keep firing" i say. driving and bashing into the side of robs car sending the back tires skidding.

The End

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