Familiar TerritoryMature

We sped through the city, gunfire ringing all round us. Behind us, what looks to be a good dozen assorted police cars were in hot pursuit, tires and engines screaming as they hurtle after us. Cindy's laugh was soon drowned out by the other noises, but the gleeful look in her eyes didn't fade, as she pushed the car to the very limits of it's performance capability.

"We are almost in the clear." Robert yelled from the back seat, having cleared a  group of bikers from our tail with the last of his clip.
"No we aren't. Not at all." Cindy replied, her eyes not leaving the road as she threw the car into a sharp turn and sped down a service road after Rose's bike. Looking around, I noticed that we seemed to be re-tracing my earlier steps, we were heading back to the area of land around the lab.
"Hey, I know this place." Said Robert, "this is near where I woke up yesterday."

The area was fairly built up, and the side streets we were speeding down were narrow. Occasionally we would catch the sound of the police sirens behind us, or the whirr of helicopter blades over head, but mostly, the streets were silent. Inside the car, everyone was beginning to calm down a little, and get their breath back, when suddenly, there was roar behind us, and a wall exploded into fragments of rubble. Up above, an army helicopter suddenly swung into view, firing another rocket just ahead of the car.

"Holy shit!" Cindy slammed on the brakes, jerking up the handbrake lever and throwing us a full 360 degree turn, just avoiding the explosion in front of us.
"Damn, they must really want you bad, Rob." I said, as Cindy slammed on the accelerator again.  "They don't pull those things out for just anyone."

The End

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