dispatching carsMature


After getting Cherie into the car Fay turned to me and said.

" By the way your my Idol, I mean I escaped prison becuase I thought. Heck if people can do what you did i could escape, and  by the way here is some deodorant your begining to smell a bit fresh."

I was shocked, stunned, and embarassed all at the same time.

"Uh, thanks." I say the car revs faster and behind us bullets are just pinging into the car. 

We serve back and forth I get my pistol out once agian seeing I had two and a half clips left before I was completly out. I roll down the window and begin shooting, the bullets did flip all just leaving a few scratches. I duck back into the car as a sub machingun responds to my wimpy pistol shots.  The cars engines rev up agian we where going faster.  I reload the pistol and empty another clip trying to pop the tires on the car. I think they where gel tires cause I was sure I only missed a couple shots.   The back window shatters as motorcylclist come behind as bashing it open with batons.

" Thank you." I say before I empty my last clip into them the bikers are run into the pursueing cars, " we are almost in the clear." I say until I look ahead. 

" No we aren't not at all." Cindy replies. 

Up ahead Rose pull a right onto a service road we follow, this all looked familliar. We where getting close to the place I woke up in yesterday.

The End

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