Going FastMature


I grit my teeth and speed up. I'm not allowed to drive, I go too fast but we need that now especially when people are shooting at us. I reach in my pocket and get out my walkie-talkie. "Al. Al. Can you hear me?"

"Cindy? Loud and clear." I smile. "Everyone okay?" Tension is building up. I press down on the pedal, going faster. "They're great. Cindy. See you soon." "Bye Al." I smile,the gang is fine.

Terence is sitting next to me wincing. "When we stop, I'll check on your injures okay?" He smiled at me. "Anyone hurt?" "Nah." I nod. That's good. I sped up even more, making people gasp. I start to laughing.

I love going fast!

The End

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