Rose Quartz

"Cindy! You drive" I throw her the keys then run back to the bike dogging several shots. I pull on the leather jacket and helmet resting on the seat. Then I swing my leg over and rev the engine.

I race through the place and past the car which starts behind me and follows. I serve down the road and enjoy the feel of it.

I love my bike and I can litterally feel everyone's eyes in the car behind me on me. I mean I am a brilliant driver and bike rider. I never slip up.

Also..... I bet I'm about 30 metres in front. I slow down and swerve to the right so I can come up next to the car.

Cindy winds down the window. I flick up the visor and turn. "That was bad..... Also my phone has the softwere that takes years to crack. Thanks to Johnathen...... So who ratted us out ag-"

Guns sound behind. "Picking up the pace" I shout then flick down the visor and set off ahead.

The End

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