I ran with the rest. They knew there was a mole, but they didn't know who. I had a sneaky feeling that it was Daisy, that she was keeping track on me and ruining my operation. Damn. But then of course, through that, the mole was me. Even bigger damn. I grabbed Robert as he tripped in the scramble and he nodded at me, a thank you. I grinned at him, then rolled out of the way as something whistled past me. I cut my cheek and I felt blood rush down. Robert grabbed me as we left the building, and threw me to the floor. A small explosion burst behind us.

All of us had got outside. Everyone who had run anyway. Cindy was still behind. I could feel the darkness creeping in. I was blacking out. I rolled over to face upwards, and watched as Robert looked down at me.

"Cherie, stay with us."

The next I knew I was in a car again.

The End

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