"Out the back!" I yell then turn and say"Oh and thanx for saving my life" I turn around and run for the back using the wall as cover while shooting all the people trying to get us splattering blood everywhere then I remember I have deodrants and matches I crack open the deodrant and throw it at the as well as throwing a match lighting up the whole place hearing screams of pain once I clear the room I run for the kitchen were the back door is located seeing that this room has double the amount of agents as the others had gone around the other way and started slaughtering them knives going everywhere and Roberts accurate aim is a masive massacre.

Once all of them were down we ran for the car jumping in quickly. Terence was struggling with his ankle so I ran back out the car and carried him into the car nearly being shot AGAIN. Cindy got the keys and started driving while I turned to Robert and said "By the way your my idol I mean I escaped prison because I thought heck if people can do what you did I could escape and by the way heres some deodrant your starting to smell a bit fresh

The End

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