Death ShootingMature


Shit! I've just put the NS in more crap then they were already in! I can see that some of my gang are taking all the stuff off of the tables and taking them underground. I smile as I can see the knife thrower (Shredder) . It's my invention, just need knives.

I snatch it and protect myself with the table. I load up the Shredder and jump up. I start firing at the coppers. The knife goes right though its victims. I run over to Al and smile. "Well done on the improvements, couldn't of done it better myself." He smiles at me, still firing.

The Shredder is amazing! So sharp, the knives are easy to load in there too. "...out of here!" I can only hear someof what's been said but I know Robert said to. "Al, cover me." I run towards Robert, Al making sure to shoot whoever is after me. I climb the ladder and lay next to Robert.

I shoot at a guy who is just about to kill Cherie. That girl gets on my nerves but she's one of us at times like these. I reload. "You've done this before." I smile at Robert. "Hell yeah. Not for a while to be honest but I do love this rush!" I smile, he looks at me strangly but I shrug it off.

"I'm a lot different to what you first thought hey?" Loads of knives slice up some more of our attackers. "Under the ladder, on the floor, they is a passage. Go through it and dont turn back. It'll get you out of here. Try and tell as many people as you can." I run  slide down the ladder and rejoin Al.

"Bring it on you bunch of gits!" I yell, shooting away. Man, have I missed this!



The End

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