House full of bulletsMature


The thought didn't cross my mind that calls are traceable until the question about the mole comes back up. 

" We need to move now!" I say.

" Why?" Cherie asks

" Phonecalls are traceable and I'm sorry to have to say this Rose, The FBI most likely saw you with me meaning your on the hitlist as well now." 

Outside the building we heard cars parking, and men stepping out cocking the guns. The front door starts banging.

"Open up in there we know your in there!"A man yells.

" Shit!" One of Cindy's gang say.

I hand Terrence his assualt rifle back and turn to one of Cindy's gang, and the large stack of weapons on the table, I didn't have a perference as long as it was automatic. 

" Can I borrow this." I say grabbing one labeled SAW.

Before he could answer the front door was kicked down and bullets begang to fill the house. I instintively roll to my left taking the saftey off and responding by sending a rapid fire of bullets taking down the men.  I keep a steady fire at the door until the others formed a sort of make shift cover with cases tables and whatever else came handy. The windows shatter and more bullets are thrown into the walls and at us. I get up running like a maniac when I run out of ammonuition I take out the pistol and hit a man in the head another through his chest.  An assualt rifle opens fire directly across the room I step backwards and fall into a cellar like thing probably saving my life. 

I hit my back pretty hard on  solid cement floor, the battle raging over head. I put the pistol in its pocket and begin climbing the ladder. Whoever this mole was I hope they die in this firefight saving me the time having to find them myself. I get to the top of the ladder taking the pistol out a man was about to blow Fay's head off with a shotgun. My pistol instantly is aimed at the mans head and I take four shots each splattering brains on the wall. More windows shatter and more men come pooring in.

" We need to find a way the fuck out of here!" I yell ducking back into the cellar to reload.


The End

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