Phone call and MY BIKEMature

Rose Quartz

Bring, Bring....... Bring, Bring.

"Oh" I reach down and pull my phone out of my Dr Martins. I press answer and put it to my ear. "Yello, sorry but I'm too bizzy right now to be discussing family pro-"

"Tell me Cindy's safe first" Johnathen's voices says angry. I roll my eyes and shake my head.

"Yes, I'm fine too thanks" I say sarcastically.

"Don't joke, Ro. You have a mole among you, lucky for the people chasing you they thought it was me but I don't want neither of you in danger right now" Johnathen says his voice tense and I can tell he's pacing.

"Is that John?" Cindy says stepping towards me.

"Hold on a sec, your girlfriend wants to talk to you" Johnathen stutters and Cindy goes bright red causing some of her old gang to laugh but I hand over the phone and she takes it.

She walks off talking. I can hear some of the comments then when she's saying bye I feel her relief when she walks back over and hands me my phone.

I turn back to everyone with Cindy. "Now back to the mole problem..... Hey, Al is that..."

"Yep, still here and no one dares touches it" Al says shaking his head.

"My Bike!" I squeal. I run over and hug it. Everyone in HS laughs including Cindy.

"What's so funny?" Robert asks.

"Rose and her bike you won't get it until you see her ride" Cindy says.

"Which I can't do right now" I moan. "We need to find out whose the mole"

The End

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