"What?" I wince and turn to Al.

"What Fay means is that the coppers are after us and they find us easy." I shrug, my face a mask. He shakes his head and smiles. "Cindy Cross, you never change." I flash a smile to the NS and turn back. "I agree. Who's the mole. Say now and we won't have to us any force to get it out of you!" I snarl, back to being leader of the gang agian.

The guys look shocked at my sudden change of tone but what can I say? A leader has to be tough in front of her gang. Well, the NS is my old gang but still. Everyone starts to look around. Al puts a hand on my shoulder and whispers in my ear.

"We finished the underground gym/hideout thing. If worst comes to worst go there." I nod and go a table to inspect the weapons. They've stocked up pretty well, lots of guns and ammo andthings. I grab a load of knives and turn away from the NS.

"The mole better say or I'll use these." I held them up a little soeveryone can see. I maybe small but I will kick anyones arse if they rat me out to the police. My eyes are narrowed. Whoever is the mole will pay, not just for me but for Johnathen aswel. God knows what this is getting him into.

The End

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