The NSMature

"Your friend has bullet-proof windows in her car, does this happen to you guys a lot?" I need to pull myself together! I need to see in times like these. I smile a little, my tears have now stopped. I throw a quick look at Rose then back to Fay. "Only every day." I open the window and get out my knifes.

I start to throw them at the cars on are backs, stopping them in their tracks. I laugh, remembering the old days when me and Rose used to do this all the time. "Rose..." "I know!" She hisses at me. I shake my head, she's going to the old skate park.

We always went there when we were in trouble, I knew the gang who stays there. She pulls up into the woods. I open my door and get out. "Follow me and keep low." I yell and run off towards the skate park. There's a old hall there where the gang is. I can hear the others running after me.

I pull open the doors and have loads of guns in my face. I smile. "Hey guys. How's the Night Strikers these days?" I ask smiling around at my old gang, the Night Strikers. "Cindy? I thought you went clean." I shrug at Al. The guys put their guns down. They others have caught up with me. I smile at them. "Al, we need a place to hide. The coppers are after us."

He nods and smiles at me. Everyone runs in, looking shocked. I go over to my old gang. "NS. I need some more knives. If you've got them, I'll put my mark on them." The NS (myold gang) Nod all smiling up at me. "Girl, what's wrong with you?" "Tell ya later Al."

Isigh, thinking about Johnathen. About the kiss. God,I wish I was still with him. Whatthey gonna do to him now? Shit! He's gonna get hurt and it's gonna be all my fault! I can feel my eyes welling up again. I brush them away, the NS will not see me cry!

The End

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