Out of the frying pan into the blast furnaceMature


"Alright anyone who wants to stay here can do so. I'm taking this a good opportunity to get out of here, without any problems."
Most of us, by this point, had got the picture that we weren't wanted, and after a brief confusion over where the clothes that I'd washed were, we trooped out, under the angry gaze of Rose's brother. As soon as we were back in the car, which still smelt faintly of blood and sewers, Cindy burst into tears. Rose hugged her again, briefly, then, flipping the bird to her brother through the window, she started the car and began to drive.

We'd gone maybe a block or two, when the back window shook violently, under the impact of a shower of bullets.
"Shit!" Rose yelled, slamming on the accelerator and making a sharp, ninety degree turn at the next corner. Through the splintered glass I could see a black car following us.
"How the hell did they find us so quickly?" Asked Robert, double checking his cartridge and winding down the window on his side to start returning fire.
"No idea, but I hope we can lose 'em again!" Rose snapped back, her eyes glued to the road ahead.
I wound down my window, pulling out the MP5 again, Robert noticed me pulling it out, and gestured for me to throw it over,
"No offence, man, but I seem to be better at this than you." I was about to contradict him, but he was right, he did seem far better than me, and far better than he should be. I passed it over, and pulled out my re-claimed SIG. The car behind us was pulling some quite spectacular moves to keep up with us. I sighed, leant out the window slightly and began firing.

Fay looked over at Cindy, who was still crying, although less now.
"Your friend has bullet-proof windows in her car, does this happen to you guys a lot?"

The End

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