Getting outMature


I put my hand onto of the pocket containing my gun, I was sincerely hoping I did not need to take it out. Rose comes down the stairs after her brother he turns around.

" Get him out now....... Seriously its not just who he is but I'm having three FBI and one police officer in two hours."

Cindy whispers something, I let my hand drop away from the pocket containing the gun.

" Terrence you able to walk now right?" I ask.

" Yup."

" Alright anyone who wants to stay here can do so. I'm taking this a good oppertunity to get out of here, without any problems." I say walking up the stairs pushing past  Roses brother my jacket lightly drifting behind me. I get into the car and the others are begining to get out. I wonder who decided to stay?

The End

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