Stalling JohnathenMature

Rose Quartz

"Johnathen, you know you can't come down here?" I hiss at him as I open the basement door.

"Well at least bring me some up" Johnathen says his eyes flicking to Cindy.

"Fine" I sigh. "Cindy, keep him here"

I run back down the stairs. "It's okay, Robert. He's not coming down" I say. He gets out of his hiding place and sits down.

I grab a plate then scoop a selection of food on to the plate. Then standing up just as I'm about to turn around.

"What will happen if he see's me?" Robert asks.

"He'll kick my ass but luckily wont call the police..... Possibly kick you out" I say then run back up the stairs.

As I approach the top, I slow down then completely stop. Johnathen has Cindy pressed against the wall and is kissing her passionately. Cindy's hand are caressing his face.

While I know there feelings for each other I find my self frozen and blinking continuely. Then Cindy spots me. She pulls back and Johnathen turns to spot me sighing.

He moves one arm out of the way then Cindy race's off down the stairs. "Well that was weird" I note.

He raises an eyebrow then stands up properly. "Thanks for coming up at just that moment. It was brilliant timing" He says sarcastically.

"Glad to help.... Here" I shove the plate at him. He takes it and places it on the table outside the basement door.

"What are you hiding down there Rose?" he asks. "This can't be about Cindy's sister"

I freeze and Johnathen takes the advantage to move quickly past me then down the stairs. "Noo" I call after him and follow him down. He's frozen at the bottom and I see him staring across at Robert Carter.

Johnathen turns on me. "Get him out now..... Seriously, Its not just who he is but I'm have three FBI's and one police officer over in two hours"

I freeze.

"Oh, crud" Cindy whispers.

The End

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