Daisy - SpencerMature


i walk in the manor and find... spencer great. "hi daisy, how are you?" he says suspiciously, "what do you want spencer?!" i shout angrilly, spencer pulls a sad face and walks towards me "why do you always suspect i am up to somthing bad?" he asks inocently, i scowls at him "because you useuallty ARE up to somthing bad!" Spencer agreeably nods his head, spencer is a friend of mine... so he thinks and was part of the cospirasy when i killed my brother,  i supose i should say what happened, well my brother... and do not laugh... was gay, and he was madley in love with this guy spencer right here and well... spencer did not love him... he loved me, and AT THE TIME, i loved him too, and becuase my brother was getting in my way and because of his criminal job he was getting in the way of some major companies, i was paid to kill my own brother.

 people may think i should be a shamed of that but, i am not. i never liked my brother and i still hate him even now so yeah... i killed him for spencer and for money, but then i realised that Spencer is a right jerk, but sadly he still visits somtimes to use me to his own advantage, and of course most of the time i give in to his good looks but jerkish ways.

i smile and he takes it the wrong way "oh so you did miss me?" he smirks, "actually no, i was just smiling at how much of a jerk you are" i say evily, well i am not going to lie to him. "so what do you want then spencer?!" i ask "because i am very busy on an assignment from the big man himself and i need to get going after i have had somthing to eat!" he smiles, "i was just wanted to borrow some of your high tech equipment please?" he says and walks down the stairs to the tech room, not even waiting for a reply, but 3, 2, 1, "Daisy?! is your pasword still follower300" i sigh and reluctantly give in to his gentle voice "yes...." i shout down at him. now time to get some food.

The End

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