Cindy was right I did drag them into this mess, They didn't have too. Damm my loss of memory, actually while i'm at it fuck what I've done. I'm a fugitive , a murderouse fujitive who has a reputation for a souless, heartless killer. I'm a monster, a terroist, I don't want to be that anymore. I wish it could return to normal. I stopped thinking of the past its the present, and I need to make decisions for the future.The first things is finding out why I have done this.

Cindy storms back downstairs pissed and looking torn. Rose hugs her. There was lots to be pissed about. I looked at the time it was 7 PM. It was a little early but I was tired,and there wasn't lots to do in someone basements. I turned over and folded my jacket inslide out and dozed off to sleep.


I had many dreams most of them seemed so real, all them with guns and and blood. I was running through a mansion, FBI, homeland security, a few foreing angencys all firing. I wore a bullet proof jacket. I took a blast from a shot gun blast, and fell backwards my gun escaping my hands they kicked me while I was down , not breathing I was wounded. I guess I derserved it all. Is this what happened?  One of the agents take a desert eagle and pulls the trigger. No it must be a nightmare my fear. The dream shimmers into an office building, I had no weapons , no equipmen. The door in the back blows open. Agents with guns ran in. My job wasn't important however the building I workded in handeld many important dealing that usually had something to do with the government.

Bullets start escaping the barrels of guns, I duck down under a desk. A friend just across the path forged from desks, a volley of bullets pass through his chest. His body moving side to side hits the ground no longer breathing. I cower more death ensues. A soldier grabs me from the desk.  I'm dragged off into a dark room and beaten horribly. The agent takes his small stealth pistol and puts two holes through my body.

" Why?" I groan holding onto conciousness with what little strength.

" Things have to change we are going to make it happen.  You know why they need to change. This country, this world needs to stop making an economy from war, pain ,fear and death."

" So your going to do this by  hurting and killing people. What kinda twisted fucked up logic is that?" I spit. BANG!  Pain shoots through my body blood drips freally from a shot through the neck, I couldn't breath.

" I admit its twisted and fucked up. Just one last venture of death and pain before we see the solution.  You shall be named fear, for thats what you will bring." It all darkens.

I wake from the dream it was morning I checked all the places the agent shot me in there was scars even along the neck. In all known books I should be dead. I was sweating and breathing hard. If that happened, who is that man?

The End

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