I can hear someone coming down the basement stairs, I quickly jump upand block the door. The handel turns and then I hear a sigh. "Cindy it's only me." I quickly open the door and see Rose with loads of stuff.

I help her carry them to a empty space in the basement. I start to look through what we've got. There's some cloth. That'll do. I take it over to Terence Smith. "I'm gonna change them okay?" Iask but not really wanting an answer.

I change them quickly."Thanks." Terence says, I nod and look at Robert. I shake my head. "You're in a lot of trouble. If you're found down here you better run. And if you dare put any of us in your shit again, I will killyou." I glare at him."I didn't ask for this." He says. I roll my eyes.

"Noneof us asked for this! Do you really think I would be here if I had a choice? You've turned me back into what I used to be. And no one wants me to be that so well done dickhead!" "Cindy! It's not Roberts fault. It's all of ours." I scowl at Rose and she scowls back. I know she trying to be nice but I'm pissed off.

I shake my head and go upstairs. God, I hate it here! There's too many memories. I sit down on the sofa and turn the tv on. "Why did you do it Cins?" Johnathen sits down next tome. I shrug. I'm really not in the mood to talk. "Talk to me Cindy." I look at him then turn back to the tv, I start flicking through channels until I come to the news.

' In todays news, police are stillon the lookout for Robert Carter. If you see him donot goup to him, call the police, he's a very deadly man.

There was a shooting going on today, many agents were killed...

I rollmy eyes, Iknew the press would be on this like a house on fire. I can feel Johnathens eyes on me. "Who was it?" I shrug. "Just this guy." I shrug again, Ican feelthe irratation comingoff of John so I listen to the news.

'...Geff Gibbert was found in a alleyway, it looks he was beaten up badly and was left to choke on his own vomit. Police found this.'

A picture of my shoe print came of the tv. Great now I've gotto get new shoes.I shake myhead andstand up. I start walking to the kitchen, all this is making me hungry.

I get a bowl out and poured in some cereal. I start to eat it with my fingers, Ican't be bothered to get a spoon. I sit down at the table, John's watching my every move. "What?" I ask sitting with my back to him. He moves and sits opposite me.

"You can't keep doing this Cindy. You and Rose can't just drop in on me and expect me to make it all go away. You've got to take resonsibility for your own atcions." I roll my light green eyes and put my bowl in the sink.

"I thought that you changed after what happend to your sister but.." I spin around, my eyes blazing. "Don't bring her into this!" I hiss at him. He gets up and stands in front of me. "I'm sorry but if it weren't for you getting into knife fights and being so cocky, then that gang you beat wouldn't of gone after her." He tells me gently. He'strying to make me see that Ishouldstop. I slap him hard around the face.

"How dare you! My life has nothing to do with you and even if it as then you still have no right bringing my sister into things!" I yell at him, both are eyes blazing. How dare he say that! Doesn't he think that all this runs through my mind every fucking day?! "You can't just go around like nothing ever happend."

I clench my hands into fists.My chest is heaving, my vision is becoming clouded by a red haze. "Well I'm sorry Johnathen. I'm sorry I'm not like you! I'm sorry that I'm not a stupid git who thinks it'll all be better if I work for a stupid department!" He glares at me. I know that was mean but I'm too angery to care.

"You know what's funny, I actrually tried to change. I tried to get a job at the hospital and places but they wouldn't let me." I push past him. "Cindy. Don't walk away from me." I ignore him and walk into the longue, on my way to the basement. I can hear him coming after me. He grabs my arm and turns me around to face him. "I said don'twalk away from me, Iknow you're upset. Lets talk about it."I narrow my eyes at him.

"Idon't want to talk to you!" I yell into his face. He lets go of my arm. "Sometimes it's better to talk about things."Iroll my eyes. "Na. It's not!" Hurt is all over Johns face. "You know what. I wish I never met you. You act all big but really you're just a git. You can't tell me what to do. No one can!" Iyell at him, tears coming into my eyes. I know he doesn't deserve it but I'm angery. Really angery.

I storm off into the basement before he could say anything. I ignore everyones shocked glances and go over to a wall. I punch it hard. Pain shoots everywhere but I'm too pissed off to scream out. I rest my head on the cool wall, trying to calm down.

"Cindy." Rose puts a hand on my back, I turn and hug her. Silent tears start to fall down my face.

The End

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