What's wrong with you?Mature

Rose Quartz

"I can't deal with this Rose not right now" Johnathen say pulling out ingrediants from the fridge. Always hated the fact my brother was perfect at everything. But I have come to appreciate the talents that he has and I have.

"This is my home to you know" I mumble looking at the floor. Johnathen sighs then turns to face me.

"I know Rose..... but I just wish you and Cindy wouldn't do this anymore" He says looking at the floor.

"You really have feelings for her" I whisper. "I remember the first time we met her.... I was 17 you were 19 a starting cop. I was in your custedy so when you were called for that knife fight I had to go with you"

His eyes glaze over like he's reliving the memory. "You were the one who got her to put down the knife and took her in..... you brought her here and she stayed with us a while" I continue. "Me and her became good friends. Then when I moved out and in with her both of us with our own crimes I remember that look of regret on your face"

"Stop" Johnathen says standing up. "If you know the reality then why replay it to remind me that she and me are on different sides of the boat. That I can never just reach her"

He stand straight then spins round. "Take the stuff down that you need and leave me out of this" He says.

I move around gathering together the stuff. Those words replay in my mind. 'On different sides of the boat' is that how Cindy sees it too?

The End

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