Don't Talk About My SisterMature


I smile and shake my head. "Hey John. You okay?" He smiles."Oh, I much better now." He looks me up and down and I can hear laughter coming from the basement. Johnathen gives a confused look down to the basement.

I move towards him. "John, erm, okay I'm not going to lie to you. We need a place to crash. Rose said we could stay here for a while." He looks down at me. "What's happend now?" I look down at me hands. "Nothing. Well, nothing to do with Rose. It's my fault." He looks into my eyes. I sigh, I hate lieing to him.

"I got into a fight." He shakes his head, his jaw tight. "I thought you said you have given up knife fights." He looks kinda pissed off. "I know I said that but..." He interupts me.

"No buts Cindy. You promised Rose. You promised me." I look into his hurt face. I open my mouth but he walks off to the kitchen. I sigh and Rose is next to me in seconds. "You should go talk to him. Make sure to stick to the story, some guys were mouthing off about my sister okay?" I mutter to her. I don't wait for an answer, I just walk down to the basement.

Everyones eyes are on me. I sit next to Terence and Robert. They both give me questioning looks but ignore them. "What's this about your sister? What did you do? Pokeher with a knife?" I lean towards Cherie and slapher around the face. "Don't you dare talk about my sister again!" I hiss at her. Cheries face is filled with shock, I lean against the basement wall and close my eyes, listening to Rose and Johnathen upstairs.

The End

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