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Rose Quartz

I move and pick up the rock about two metres from the path. I turn it over and pull out the key then put it back down. I move back to the door and open it up. I step back and everyone files into the house.

"Wow" Someone gasps.

"Yeah" I mutter walking in going straight past the arch to the high tech living room. I turn to face them. "Rules. We will remain in the bacement and only I and Cindy will move around the house. There is a toilet down there. Any questions?"

At first I was hoping they would remain silent but someone had to talk. "You're rich" Cherie gasps. I sigh and move over to open the door to the bacement.

As I do I hear Cindy speak. "Soft subject. Her brother and her were close until her parents died that was when she started.... in crime. Her brother inheirted everything because her father was umm slightly old aged styled"

I feel everyones eyes on my back and I tense up. "Into the bacement" I hiss. They file through then as Cindy passes I stop her. "Oh and Cindy" I make sure my voice is loud. "Don't hit on my brother this time"

Cindy blushes then turns to begin down the stairs but stops. I hear laughter behind me and spin to see my brother standing in the door.

"Johnathen" I say my teeth clenched. He shakes his head.

"When are you going to stop with the criminal activity. Also its not all Cindy's fault" Johnathen says.

"Told you" Cindy's voice shouts. I turn and look at her glaring slightly.

"You deal with him then" I walk past her and shut the door on her going down into the bacement.

The End

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