Daisy - money, money, lifeMature

cherie got out of my car into the sewer with them, good, one its nice to be on my own and two, i need somone on the inside. i pull my phone out, whilst driving to my betterly equiped manor, and dial the number of lewis hawker the leader of a very large company who pays top price to get rid of people that get in the way, "hello, its follower 300 here, i need to speak to leader 1" an assistants voice on the end of the phone says "ok i will forward you over 300" i hear a beep on the end of the line and then a deep "hello" of Mr Lewis Hawker, "good afternoon sir, i have a propersition for you?" i say smirking on the end i the phone, Lewis was very interested in my propersition to rid of Robert Carter who had caused him a great deal of trouble in the past and ofered me a very large amount of money for his assasination. and as allways when there is money to be made i accepted. this was my new assiantment, i will tell no one about the money, i will pretend this is personal and i will do it alone, because that is how i work, i then use the special device on my phone to detect where cherie is, but the will not know of it. she is in a house not far from here and i can easilly get there by night time, but i suspect that they will be staying the night there as it is pretty late now, so i will rest at my manor, i pull on the drive and park. but there is anouther car is on the drive, i have a visitor?

The End

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