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Rose Quartz

"My old home" I say shrugging. "I was going to take us there before...... Its under my brothers name.... He'll probably be there"

"Rose but your brother..." Cindy says worried.

"It will be fine" I say. But I know what she's on about.

My brothers part of the FBI. If I ask him nicely he'll let things slip when it comes to me but.... he's the one who surggested me to them and then cause of my skills they became more interested.

Of course this also lead to a search on if my brother helped me in anyway with some of my crimes..... of course not. He never knew anything, he stayed out cause he knew I wouldn't do anything different.

"This way" I say. We race down the street. "Is it far?" someone asks.

"No" I say simply looking back. "Cause we're gonna get a car"

I pull out my keys and press the button. It opens my BMW and a few looked stund. One person even whistles.

"In" I hiss.

"But the lisence plate..." Terrence notes.

"Not my name" I say jumping into the front seat. Robert, Terrence, Fay and Cherie squeeze in the back while Cindy sits up front with me.

"Lets hope my brothers not home" I say to her then rev the engine.

The End

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