Where to start?Mature


Two new arrivals, a girl with punk styled hair, and with torn pieces of clothing. Could I trust them?  Could I trust any of these people.  We all knew so little about eachother.

" Well what is the plan where are we going?" The new girl who had ripped clothing who came after Fay.

I pick my glock off the ground, and put it in the leather jacket," I'm heading back to the building I woke up in. Hopefully noones waiting there. I need to retrace a few steps, see where I was heading. Who I was talking to, and most of all why." I say with confidence. 

Stepping up into the alleyways , beneath us I could here the footsteps of black ops perssonel.

"I hope you remember where it is." Rose says

" I do just need to find out how to avoid black ops and  get somewhere without shooting," I say," Lets start off down that way."  I say pointing down the alleyway.

We start moving Terrence was a little slow with his ankle, " Are you going to be okay there Terrence?" Cindy asks

" I think my ankle is giving me alot of trouble."

" Maybe we should find and make a safeouse instead of running around with injured, and make a plan." Fay says making aboslute sense.

" Alright any ideas, a place out of the way, good place to escape from. Maybe even a little warm." I say.


The End

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