Cindy: Hidden KnivesMature

We're in the sewers and it stinks like hell! "I'm Fay and I'm on your side." Says the girl that has helped us get away. I nod at her and pull up my hood. Istare at the new people and start moving again.

We are moving through the sewers fast. My eyes widen as I can hear some Black Ops agents in the sewers. I run forward and up a ladder. I push open the man hole thing and wait for everyone to get out before me. I jump out and put the man hole back where it belongs.

I smile in relief and turn the the others. I freeze, about ten black ops agents are in front of us. "Put down your weapons!" One of them yells. I can see Rose aim but I put a hand on her arm. "Don't." She scowls at methen nods, putting her gun on the ground. The guys coppied her. "Good. Looks like one of you has some sense. Now put your hands on your heads!" We do as they say.

One looks at me. "Hey. It's Cindy Cross. The one who was in all those knife fights." They smile at me. I scowl at them. "Look here boys. We've caught some crinimals here that need to get punished." I roll my eyes as they start to come closer slowly. "We're not going with you." They start to laugh. "You don't have any weapons, they're on the floor. Anyone who tries to get them will get a bullet in their head!" I smile. "That's where you're wrong. They've put their weapons on the floor. I haven't."

Befor e they can do anything, I reach under my jumper and start throwing my knifes at them. In seconds they are down, blood flowing from their lifeless bodies. I go and get myknifes back. "Cindy. You said you would never use a knife again." I turn to Rose. "Things change. You gotta do what you've gotta do. Lets go. Any ideas where?" I ask, looking at their shocked faces. I roll my eyes. That was nothing, they should of seen what I used to do in fights. I've never lost; it's because I'm the best by far when it comes to knife fights.

The End

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