Damn, he'd ran. Daisy and I followed and watched as a car pulled up in front of them and let them in. We raced after them in Daisy's car, and they pulled up next to the sewers route. I followed them in, Daisy stayed as I didn't want them to recognise her.

I crept up to them, and heard a girl explaining she was here to help. I walked out in front of them. Immediately, guns pointed in my direction.

"Woah, calm it guys."

"Who the hell are you?"

"Wait, your Daisy's friend!"

"Yeah, I am. But I'm more than that. I'm here to help too. No one can vouch for me, but I heard your conversations and it sounds to me like Robert is innocent."

"So we're supposed to trust you?"

"Yes. I have only two simple rules. One, don't get caught, and two, don't even think about it Carter." I was always taught that being uninterested made people want to get to know you. Robert laughed, but I saw him looking appreciatedly at my figure when I looked at the others. And just like that I was in. Well almost.

"What if we don't trust you?" said the Rose girl.

"Well, I have nothing to lose. I already get beaten up at home for nothing, so getting beaten up helping you seems like a better option. At least I'm getting beaten up for a reason. Plus, I'm a wicked aim with a fist and a gun."

The End

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