Fay:Jump inMature

When I saw the black ops I ran straight for my car on shadow hidden paths and started driving towards the house I pulled up in front of them and opened the door."Get in!" I yelled as they clambered in shooting more and more down.

I drove as fast as I could knowing there would be helicopters they would have to use my way of traveling soon, the sewers. " When I say get out follow me but run because the black ops will be here soon and I for one dont want to get killed no questions just follow me"I comanded As I pulled up by the side of a covered alleyway I shouted "Out!" We ran for the drain pipe cover. Pulling the cover off we jumped in quickly me last so I could put the cover back on.

They were suspicious and I knew it since they were giving me wierd stares now to tell them I was on their side.

The End

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