Professional killersMature


Rose was quite impressive with a gun, I really also had to say so was terrence for me, I was just doing what felt right.  The glock was a perfect extension that fit perfectly in my hand. We reaced the stairs an agent appeared there both Terrence and I dropped him.  He hit the floor rolling down the stairs.

" We've got to go." I say as we hurry up the stair case. At the top was a large courtyard lots of cover with enemies all over it. Beyond the courtyard was a good get away into the city.  We run bullets peppering the wall adjacent to us Rose still made shots that did not miss there targets. 

I couldn't believe these where highly trained agents who have been, rung through rigourous training , these guys should be able to take me down, I was just improvising my way through. Everything was being to easy. We drop to the ground as a browning mounted just across the courtyard shattered and ripped throught the trees , plants and large planter pots.

" Why did I think everything was easy?" I moan seeing our goal only a few feet away.  As the browning gave the agents good cover to move in I felt really claustrophobic hearing the millitary boots get closer. Rose shoots them then I realise we still can get the hell out.  we duck to the next cover shooting another agent. I took his M4 carbine the scope just perfect  for these conditions and shoot 3 shoots  hitting the browning mount. I think I got the operator. Terrence took out the backup agents out as we exited.

" Now what?"Terrence

" Run or get into a car." was my only reply running into the city. We take cover in an alleyway. No one saw us coming I was sure but we where all out of breath, and adrenaline still pumping through our viens.

The End

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