They don't shoot hostagesMature


"You're my hostages." Said Robert, after a moment's though, "At least that way it doesn't look like you're on my side."

He grabbed my gun before I could stop him, and continued shooting into the corridor. Cindy was still clinging to my arm, but I could see an MP5  lying under the body of one of the dead agents. Shaking her off gently, I scooped up the gun, just as a sniper shot shattered the window behind us.
"Shit! Do you know how to use that thing for long distance targets, by any chance? Or any of you?" Robert was busy keeping the agents ahead of us behind cover, and Rose was clearing the other side with amazing accuracy.
'I guess the 'hostage' cover is slightly blown.' I though, and raised the gun to the sniper across the roof.

He was well hidden, but not well covered. I noticed the flash of sunlight from his sights, and began firing. Over this range the MP5 had poor accuracy, but the velocity was still great enough to do serious damage. After a few seconds I'd hit him three times, firing quick bursts to keep the recoil down, and he collapsed off the roof, falling several floors to the concrete below.

I turned to see Rose gesturing us to follow her. Robert look genuinely shocked.
"You didn't miss a shot." He whispered. I looked over the fallen men briefly, I was impressed.
"Dude, and that's a short-range weapon too. Damn good show."
"Now you see why the FBI are trying to hire me"
She ran to the fire escape door and glanced out.
"Clear." she called, and we crept out, Robert and Rose leading, and me covering our backs. I managed to grab a couple of cartridges for the MP5 from the bodies in the hall before we left, and as we walked carefully down the metal staircase, I fixed the silencer onto the end. No point in getting ourselves too much attention, especially with two wanted criminals in our group.

Another agent appeared at the top of the staircase when we were almost down, Robert and I saw him at the same time, and both fired. My own shot went slightly wide, and hit him in the chest. Robert's struck him right between the eyes. Another man appeared, hearing the gun shots.
"Hey-ho." I sighed out loud, "Here we go again."

The End

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