Never MissMature

Rose Quartz

I pull open the draw and grab my pistol. Then stepping into the hall I fire seven bullets at the seven agents approaching. All a point in there chest which will leave them unconcious but not dead.

I reload. "I thought you weren't gonna use that thing again" Cindy says looking at me sympathetically.

"Yeah, well.... I pissed and they threatened me...." I turn and look at Robert whose staring shocked. "Self defense"

"You didn't miss a shot" He whispers.

"Dude, and thats a short ranged weapon" Terrence added.

"Now you see why the FBI are trying to hire me" I say flicking back my ponytail. Sound of more agents. "Lets go" I hiss.

I walk past them and they follow me to the emergency escape. I open the door then check up and down. "Clear" I say. We take the steps down into the alley.

"Where are we heading?" Robert whispers.

"My old home" I mutter feeling sick in the stomach.

The End

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