I pull Terrence through the window, Rose storms and takes a bath before anyone can say a word to her. We get Terrence onto a couch. When I realized he said something quite worrying.

" You said black ops right?" I say a little panicked.

" Yeah." 

I wanted to yell at him, somehow he knew I was here and the black Ops where after him. I found it hard to trust him instantly. Cindy begins to bandage and apply a cold pack to his ankle.

"I've got to go. You people are going to get hurt beacuase of me." I say in complete survival mode looking down at my glock. I bet this weaopns killed and me as its user, and I don't even have single memory of ever firing it.  I stop thinking as I get my leather jacket for some reason it felt like it held protection. 

As I reach the door its kicked open and I roll into the kitchen.Too late , they got here, and these people who only helped me had now been compromised and became criminals.  A man in the  dark suit walks into the building speedily with his gun outstretched.   For a moment a flash of me cowarding under a desk in a similar sceneario flashes. A friend of mine falls to the ground dead. Is that where it started?

I flash into the present grabbing a french knife off the counter and gutting the bastard. I wasn't going to watch these guys , kill these people who I hardly know because of me.   I throw the french knife into the next officer head my glock at shoulderr level. It felt too natural squeezing the trigger at the surprised black ops agents.  I shot three rounds  dropping another two men.  I think from reading a magazine these guys have minimum of 6 shots.

  I take cover in the kitchen, "I'm so sorry, Its...... Like instinct." I say looking at the bloody ground to the others behind another wall away from the bullets. 

I hang around the wall and take three more shots all missing the glock clicking.  I put it on my belt and pick up the shotgun, I'm not sure when the killing was going to stop. I was hoping soon , but I was afriad they were not going to stop firing at me until I laid perfectly dead. Maybe I desreved to die or maybe there was more than a good enough reason to justify my actions. I wanted to live long enough to find out.  The agents stop firing and I charge out from the hall and pump the shot gun they both fell to the ground blood splattering agianst the walls. It was not glorius it all just purely repulsive. I let the shot gun clatter to the floor and steal the clips for the 9 mm glock. 

" I'm so sorry I just made you all criminals, but right now isn't the time to be talking." I say barely keeping my fear from showing , I was shaking like mad though. Rose comes barreling out of shower dressed.

" What the hel!..... You just! You Idiot." She screams knowing she might or is a criminal again.

" I'm so sorry you guys got involved." I hold my forhead hearing more agents, " We need to go."  I step over the bodies , " You don't have to come. I just need to know wether what I did was for the greater good, or if I did it for no good reason." I step out of the  flat punching a black ops agent in the face knocking him out.

" I'm not exactly what my decision is yet, but I rather not be in there right now." Cindy says holding Terrence. Rose just looked pissed.

" I have to come those black ops guys are after me too."  Terrence says.  My eyes narrow. How could I trust him he brought them here, I didn't see a better decision he hasn't tried to kill me yet.  His Sig hung off his back.

" Your my hostages. Atleast then it looks like your not on my side." I say grabbing the sig no it wasn't going to work well like this because Terrence said the black ops did this to him. We contine to walk down the hall people cowering about looking at me I atleast made my companions somewhat my hostages holding the Glock behind them. 

" What the hell are we going to do?" I ask before we reach the front enterance to the flats.

Before I can do anything the glass blows with sniper bullets.

" Shit!" I yell as we head for a cover. That Sig was going to come in handy now.

" Do you know how to fire that thing for long distant targets , by any chance?" I ask, " Or any of you? 

More glass smashed and I got impatient before anyone could answer gunfire from behind us got us to move outside. We took cover behind a cement note post. It was getting ripped to shreds.

" This doesn't make your guys look good at all." I mutter shooting at the agents who came up behind us missing everytime due to the size of the glock and the distance. "Someone needs to take out those guys ahead of us. My hands are tied." I say

The End

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