Daisy - stutteringMature

i am standing at the neighbours door after my amazing display of acting skills, "so um i was wondering cindy do you think i could borrow a blanket for my friend?" i ask cindy, "er i suppose so...." she says and goes to get a blanket, she hands i to me and says "so umm why is she here again?" i pull a sad face like i dont want to talk about it but say anyway "well her parents are really mean to her and they beat her and stuff so she is going to be staying with me for a while" i say smiling, scecretly trying to see round her, i just see a figure of a man run out of the bedroom, pick somthing up off the table and run back in, found ya robert! "oooooooo whos that cindy?!" is say fake giggling, cindy looks around frantically "no one, no one at all?" she says paniky but trying to cover it up, "ohh i specifically saw a man run out of the bedroom, not being naughty are we cindy? who is he? i bet he's cute, oh my gosh is he living here now?" i chuckle, cindy starts fake laughing "ohhh him! he is my......... cleaner?... yes cleaner, he was just cleaning my bedroom, he is called.... Fred and he comes here every wednesday" she says smirking at me, shes sooooo lieing "is that enough information for you?!", i look around her again but she blocks me out "yup!" i say and skip back to my room, "well we are not going to get much else out of her, she obviously knows about who he is and is trying to cover for him not taking any chances, but she denide him staying there which obvioulsy means he is and she had to think before she said cleaner so she deffinatly knows about his real job/hobby" i say to Cherie shutting the door behind me "oh and by the way, if i help you with this, whats in it for me? as i am guessing you are being paid by the big top dog for this?, maybe we should go chat with him tomorrow? " i say sitting down next to cherie and stroking milo on my lap.

The End

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