The roof. Not so great, but better than nothing. So where to start?

"The man you just heard is being hunted by practically everyone."

"I know."

"Even me."

"Ok, now he stands no chance." She smiled at me. I smiled hesitantly back. Things were always awkward between Daisy and I, because if it hadn't have been for our jobs, we would probably be great friends.

"I was thinking the usual method, guy meets girl etc. How about bumping in to him?"

"What if he doesn't step out of the house?"

"Good point."

"You talk to the neighbours much? The ones who are putting him up?"

"Sometimes, why?"

"Well, I'm thinking, I'm your friend staying over, and I'm sure he'll get restless inside. The windows covered by the other building, so no doubt he'll look out, and you can see each others windows from there. So maybe one day I'll just be standing there, and I'll have absoloutely no idea who he is and start talking to him. I'll act really shy. Like I've just ran away from oppresive parents or something."

"And why are you so sure this will work?"

"It always works. And anyway, if he doesn't look out, there are plenty of excuses to visit a neighbours house. Need some milk, or something. I don't know do I?"

"Well ok, you can try."

"Daisy, lighten up. It'll work, trust me. Now I'm going home and getting some of my stuff, then I'll come tonight. You can go ask them if they've got an extra blanket I could borrow for the night or something, explain I've run away from parents that beat me or something, adn then tomorrow you can take it back. That'll give you two chances to see if he's looks like he's staying. You know, bed on the sofa or something."

"Alright. Now get going, it's getting late."

I set off, and when I returned home grabbed a few necessary items, plus some rather nice clothes along with some scruffy ones. I changed, ripped the shoulder of my top so it looked like someone had grabbed me, and set off. I stared thoughtfully at one of the drunkards in the street, then walked up to him and punched him. The things I do for a job. He looked stunned, then threw his fist at my chin. That would bruise. I knocked him out, then grabbed his glass and cut the corner of my mouth with it. Perfect. When I reached the corner of Daisy's street I staggered along, ran up the staircase and frantically started knocking on her door. She threw it open.

"Linette!!!! What have they done to you?" I heard someone come to the door of the next apartment and a girls head peeked out. She looked shocked at the sight of my bruising cut face.

"Is everything alright?" I burst in to tears. Daisy pulled me inside, thanking the girl she called Cindy, and explaining that I had abusive parents, she closed the door and grinned at me, showing a thumbs up. 

"Linette?" I mouthed, pulling a face. She shrugged. I rolled my eyes then continued acting and sobbing until she went next door to ask for a blanket and to 'fill Cindy in'.

The End

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