Fay: not so innocentMature

So I was listening in on the conversation what? he lost his memory what the hell? Anyway I think I need to talk to him and I now know he is about 40 metres north from the sewer hole which I jumped in. I will get changed before I come I have to make a decent impression. So I walk at a fast pace back to my building to get ready to meet my idol. Robert. He was the one who gave me the idea of breaking out and not being caught.

I changed into the prettiest tank top I took and a pair of ripped baggy jeans holding my hoodie in one hand while gelling my hair up in a p!nk style of hair. And I walked casually back trying to find the right housewhen I saw someone talking and decided to hide in the bushes to overhear them while they were speaking if someone had found Robert I wouldn't walk straight in for me to be taken too.

The End

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