Why did you do it?Mature


I stand in the living room of the flat uncomfortably, well more like awkwardly. I never liked recieving things from people I know let alone complete strangers allowing me to stay under there roof.  Cindy comfortably sits on the couch.

" Why did you kill those people?" Cindy questioned me.

" Like I said I have no Idea what I did. Its all so confusing." I shake my head just trying to look for a single memory that seems out of place," What did I do?"

" Well we can start with your first murder. It was senator who was making a movement agianst welfare, and other things for the homeless and unfortunate.  With all the high security the man had you somehow blew up his car. No one knew who it was until two days letter you where spotted in Washington.Cuasing a riot in the front of the whitehouse. You killed a few upcoming important politicians. Then you went out country for a bit killing a few generals,and scientist. Everyone you killed has some signigance for the future. Lately there hasn't been much on you since. It utterly amazing your the most succesful still living terrorist. I don't know how you managed not to get caught."

" Why are you letting me stay, if I'm so dangerouse? Shouldn't you be against me if I killed what seems to be hardly good reasons?"

" I don't know. You 've stirred up some crap in world government secrets are being leaked and where begining to find how much the government is screwing up."

"Doese that make me a bad person , or a Revolutionary?" I ask but before there is answere the front door there is a knock.

" You should hide." Cindy says heading to the front door.

The End

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