Going outMature

Rose Quartz

"I'm going to pop out for shopping" I turn back and look at Cindy and Robert. "Don't let him leave" I say instructing Cindy and pointing at Robert.

Then with that I turn and race out of the flat. I hear talking everywhere.  Great! They know where Robert is but....... Why is no one reporting him?

Uh, I don't have time to work this out now. I take the steps quickly and guess whose waiting at the bottom. FBI I-get-my-ass-kicked-by-a-girl.

"What do you want?" I say pushing past him into the sunlight.

"Work for us" He says. I moan then turn on him and glare. "No, how many times do I have to say it"

He shrugs. I turn and begin down the street fast but he follows easily. He pulls a file out of his jacket. "Seriously Miss Quartz you'll be very interested in this case"

I stop let him hand me the casefile and flip it open. I scan through it and find myself staring in shock. He's killed so many people, yet he seems so harmless.

"Not intrested" I say closing the file and handing it back but I must admit that has shaken me up a small deal.

"Miss Quartz the FBI are offering you a lot just to work this one case.... I would take the offer" the man says.

"Not interested" I say more intimidated then before. I turn round and run.

The End

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